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The research and the genuineness of the raw materials is the basis of our restaurant, our mission is to let you know and appreciate them. You can enjoy an exquisite cuisine that combines local tradition with refinement and originality, using native raw materials, but also excellences from all over the world. In our menu you will find dishes inspired by the land, lakes and even the sea.

Just as for the food also for the wines there is a particular attention for those of local producers without forgetting the many other Italian labels.

Currently our wine list offers about 70 labels and also a choice of local craft beers . 

Warm welcome in a familiar environment with attention to detail. The restaurant is located in the historic center of Salò, behind the Palazzo della Magnifica Patria, the current town hall and the splendid lakefront. The internal vaulted room dates back to 1500, and was originally the stable of the palace of the administrator and captain of the Riviera.


In summer you can enjoy our dishes on the outdoor terrace directly in the characteristic Piazza Sant'Antonio or in the alley behind the restaurant.

Paola, Luca and all the staff are waiting for you ...

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